Thai Raw Mango Salad

Ginger, Continental, Salad, Chef Suresh Babu


  • Raw Mango 200gm
  • Red Cabbage 100gm
  • Radish 100gm
  • Mix Peppers 200gm
  • Cucumber 200gm
  • Red Onion 50gm
  • Green Chilli 4ea
  • Red Radish 50gm
  • Basil Drops 10 ea
  • Cilantro Drops 10 ea
  • Peanut butter 50gm
  • Miso paste 2tsp
  • Honey 4tbs
  • Lemon 2ea
  • Peanut roasted 100gm
  • Ginger 40gm
  • Garlic 40gm
  • Bean sprouts 100gm
  • E.V. Olive Oil 50ml
  • Fresh green mix 100gms


  • Shred the raw mango, jullenne the peppers and small dice the rest of the fresh vegetables.
  • Salt the cucumber and chill.
  • Pound green chili, lemon juice and peanut and add olive oil and miso paste, cilantro & Basil drops and honey and prepare the dressing.
  • Mix all the ingredients to the dressing and adjust the seasioning.
  • Garnish with crushed roasted peanuts and fried garlic chips.
  • Top it up with fresh green mix.
  • Served chilled.