Stress Buster
Anti-anxiety and Anti-depressant
Fosters Clear Thoughts and Sense of Wellbeing
Eases Inflammation and Reduces Joint Pain
Counteract Effect of Stress Induced Ulcers
Reduces Cholesterol
Controls Plaque and Gum Diseases


Brain Tonic
BP Controller
Promotes Pancreatic Function
Moderates Blood Glucose
Cramps Controller
Menstrual Pain Manager
Helps in Breastfeeding
Memory Enhancer
Nullifies Nervousness
Migraine Manager


Lung Cleaner
Asthma Reliever
Sinus Controller
Virus Killer
Tooth Protector
Anxiety Reliever
Stress Buster
Brain Stimulant
Nervous System Tonic
Depression Controller
Melancholy Minimiser
Bacteria Buster
Cough Controller


All-rounder Body Toner
Cools Body and Mind
Protects from Sun Stroke
Dehydration Controller
Heals Scars
Regenerates Skin Tissues
Removes Dark Spots
Diminishes Signs of Acne and Pox marks
Tranquilizes Nervous Irritations
Eliminates Emotional Outbursts
Sooths Mind
Excellent for Child ADHD
Recovers you from Restlessness
Calms down Anxiety
Improves Complexion
Endocrine Energy Booster
Keeps Metabolism in Order
Metabolism Manager
Minimises Mania
Immunity Builder
Mania Manager
Helps in perfect functioning of excretory system


Convulsions Controller
Opens Obstructed Menses
Blood Purifier
Digestive Tonic
Improves Appetite
Helps Release Bile
Helps Release Gastric Juices
Drives Away Gases
Controls Gas Generation
Fat Remover
Improves Kidney Function
Improves Urination
Best Ever Natural Detoxifier
Eliminates Excessive Hormones
Eliminates Pesticides from Body
Cleans Blood from Impurities
Helps Cope with Post Menopause Syndrome


Amazing Antiseptic - Internal & External
Reduces Dependency on Pain Killers
Cholesterol Reducer
Blood Clot Preventer
Heart Attach Preventer
Digestive Dynamite
Amazing Aphrodisiac
Eliminate Early Ejaculation
Important Medication for Impotency
Kidney Stone Dissolver
Safeguards against Kidney Damage
Flatulence Reliever
Bowel Manager
Diminishes Diarrhea
Stops Stomach Aches
Drives Away Dyspepsia


Attention Booster
Alertness Booster
Mood Booster
Uplifts Mood
Improves Alertness
Improves Attention and Focus
Energy Booster
Refreshes Mind
Drives Away Drowsiness
Improves Brain Function
Brain Tonic
Improves Memory
Excellent Liver Cleanser
Liver Protector
Very High Anti-Oxidant Values
Helps in Cancer Prevention
Helps in Cancer Treatment
Relieves from Mental Strain and Fatigue


Nootropic +
Adaptogenic Herb


Brain Tonic
Memory Booster
Improves Intellect
Anxiety Manager
Minimises Male dysfunction
Diminishes Dandruff
Assists Manage Asthma


Fights Free Radicals
Rich in Anti-Oxidants
Control Chronic Inflammation
Benefits Brain
Attacks Alzheimer’s
Beats Blood Sugar
Improves Insulin Sensitivity
Control Cold
Limits LDL
Boosts Nutrients Absorption
Reduces Appetite

Black Cumin Seed

BP Controller
Cholesterol Controller
Reduces RA Pain
Helps reduce Stomach Upsets
Diabetes Manager
Helps in Tumor Control


Banishes Bad Breath
Reduces Respiratory Spasm
Controls Cough
Diminishes Digestive Issues
Controls Common Cold
Warms Body
Diminishes Depression
Increases Urination
Expels Fat

Clove Leaf

Treats Toothaches
Alleviates Acne
Banishes Bacteria in Mouth
Beats Bloating
Controls Congestion
Removes Ringworms

Clove Bud

Best Overall Oral Care
Diminishes Digestive Upset
Kills Bacterial in Stomach
Relief from Respiratory Troubles
Controls Candida
Prevents Dental Erosion
Controls Cavity
Manages Mascular Pains