The Correct Way To Drink Water

We are often conscious about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat so that we can inculcate healthy eating habits. But does anyone think about having healthy drinking habit?

Don’t get us wrong – We mean healthy water drinking water!

We were always told by our elders not to stand and drink water. Ever thought why they would say so? Yes, drinking water is an art and has to be done in a right way.

Why you shouldn’t stand and drink water? Why is posture important while drinking water? 

  • When water is gulped / swallowed while standing, it goes down with a force, it speeds through the food canal and falls on the lower stomach wall with a big splash which can be harmful and may cause injury or damage the lower stomach wall and other organs nearby, thus leading to digestive issues in long run.
  • Kidneys can also get adversely impacted. Kidneys filter better while sitting. So, when we stand and drink water, it passes down at a rapid pace without actually facilitating much filtration, thus causing impurities to gather in the blood and even in the bladder which could lead to kidney damage in long run.
  • Standing and drinking water can also cause arthritis. Drinking water in standing position disrupts the balance of fluids which may sometimes lead to accumulation of fluids in your joints, thus increasing the chances of arthritis.

Sitting and drinking water quenches your thirst better. When you stand and drink, you may notice that you require much more water to quench your thirst.

Hence, most medical practitioners always recommend good water drinking habits along with healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Feeling thirsty!?! Don’t bother much… Just grab a glass of water, sit down and drink it with a relaxed and happy mind.

Dr. Sunita Pathania

Dietitian, Mumbai

A senior qualified Dietitian from Mumbai with over 30 years of experience in the field of medical nutrition therapy.