TULSI Or Holy Basil, Also Famously Known As The “QUEEN OF HERBS,” Has Numerous Benefits To The Human Body.

Tulsi, or Holy Basil, also famously known as the “Queen Of Herbs,” has numerous benefits to the human body. Tulsi has a long history of significance since the Vedic age and is still being used extensively in the preparation of various medicines for different ailments.

The word Tulsi means “the incomparable plant,” and sure it is, with the abundance of health benefits. Tulsi is consumed in all its forms, dried, fresh, powdered, and even essential oils. All the parts of the plant are used to prepare different medicines, be it leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds.

Tulsi is a holy and sacred plant in Hinduism is grown in almost every household in the country. People worship this plant and also consume them in their day to day life. This herb can be grown in small pots in gardens and balconies. It can even be used in preparing various delicacies; it will add not only flavor but also various health benefits.

Nutritional value of Tulsi

The nutritional value of this herb is significantly high and consists of the following;

  1. Vitamin A and C – they have antioxidant activity. They are useful in overriding harmful molecules that are produced within your cells and tissues. These harmful molecules may cause damage or a particular disease.
  2. The right amount of Calcium – a vital nutrient for bone strength. It plays a very crucial role in keeping a healthy interaction between the brain and other parts of the body.
  3. Zinc – a necessary element for a healthy immune system. It also helps in fast healing of wounds and promotes healthy growth during childhood.
  4. Iron – an essential mineral for the proper functioning of hemoglobin. It also plays an essential role in regulating the body temperature as well as the immune system.
  5. Chlorophyll – rich in vitamins, antioxidants as well as have therapeutic properties. It stimulates the immune system, works wonder in detoxifying the blood, and energizes your body.

What are the various health benefits of Tulsi?

The numerous health benefits of the tulsi plant are because of the active ingredient found in its leaves- Eugenol. It also contains a good quantity of ursolic acid and carvacrol, both of which have anti-microbial properties. Tulsi tea is highly rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight free radicals that are responsible for causing various chronic degenerative diseases.

Some of the benefits of consuming Tulsi daily are as follows-

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation
  2. Prevents Respiratory Disorders
  3. Lung Disorder Beats Stressaids Weight Loss
  4. Removes Toxins from the Body
  5. Protection Against Infections and Aids Healing
  6. Useful in Kidney Stones and Gouty Arthritis
  7. Anti-cancer Properties
  8. Fights Bad Breath
  9. Keeps the Heart Safe
  10. Flawless Skin
  11. Protection Against Infections and Aids Healing

Tulsi for Diabetes 

Diabetes, a major lifestyle disease, is prevalent in the country. Diabetes is a condition that results in a perpetually elevated level of blood sugar. Every third person in the country is suffering Diabetes. It is marked by certain fluctuations in the blood sugar levels in the human body. Most health experts verify for holy basil to stabilize blood sugar levels, thanks to the many health-promoting properties Tulsi offers.

This herb is said to improve the pancreatic beta-cell functioning  and further, it increases the uptake level of glucose by the muscle cells.

Those patients who consume Tulsi with their regular medications have shown significantly more prominent improvements in glucose check. Spikes in blood glucose levels after consuming food also improved significantly. Tulsi leaves are assumed to have hypoglycemic qualities, which lower blood sugar levels and further prevent certain complications of Diabetes.

Tulsi leaves are packed with various antioxidants that produce compounds that help the pancreatic cells to function properly and efficiently, such as Eugenol, Methyl eugenol, and Caryophyllene. This helps to regulate blood sugar levels; furthermore, it will keep them in check. Another added advantage of consuming Tulsi every day is that the antioxidants found in the leaves of the herb help beat the ill effects of oxidative stress, which is a major contributor to metabolic diseases and Diabetes.

Tulsi water is an excellent choice for regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Daily consumption of Tulsi water helps the metabolism of carbs and fats; it will ensure that the sugar in the blood is utilized for energy. Tulsi helps in improving the functioning of the pancreatic beta-cell and is also active in significantly reducing the fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels.

How to consume Tulsi ?

Now that you have known the several benefits of drinking Tulsi water early in the morning, you can use a few easy steps to make your own Tulsi water.

  • Soak some tulsi leaves in water, leave it for 8-10 hours, and drink this tulsi water first thing in the early morning on an empty stomach. You can also make some tulsi water ahead and store it in a container and keep sipping it throughout the day.


  • Take a relatively medium-sized pot and put about two cups of water
  • Pour almost two cups of water in a pan or the amount of water you want to make.
  • Put the pan into flames.
  • let the water in the pot come to a boil
  • Turn off the fire and add a handful of Tulsi leaves in boiled hot water. Cover the tea for about 20 minutes. Then, strain off the tea from the leaves.
  • Then serve the tea, you can consider adding honey or sugar to improve the taste.
  • Enjoy the Tulsi tea.


You can try and buy tulsi leaf extracts or tulsi powder from any nearby shops that sell Ayurvedic products. However, if you don’t find them nearby, you can chew fresh tulsi leaves to obtain their benefits. Consume two to three fresh leaves from the herb or consume about one full tablespoon of its extract on an empty stomach to lower the blood sugar levels and keep the cholesterol checked.

Hence, Tulsi provides various health benefits, especially to those who have Diabetes. The diabetic patient should utilize consumption Tulsi in their day to day life, and it will definitely help their condition and will aid their overall health.

Dr. Kamna Desai

Dietitian, Mumbai

A qualified Dietitian from Mumbai with over 20 years of expertise in the field of health and nutrition.