Check Out The Article Below And Try To Use These Amazing Options Early Morning To Set The Tone Right For The Rest Of The Day.

The way you start your morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. Beginning your day, the correct way, helps to jump start your metabolism in the morning. So, don’t grab that phone first thing in the morning, instead take some time out to try any of these 10 great options from, to start your day right.

  • At all glass of lukewarm water with 2-3 drops each of cinnamon, cumin and ginger drops to help you with clear bowel movements at the start of the day.
  • A quick pro tip for the weight watchers, consume black tea or black coffee with a dash of clove bud drops to increase the body’s fat burning capacity prior to workout.
  • For vegetable juice and fruit juice lovers, 4-5 drops of either tulsi, ginger or vetiver in the vegetable or fruit juice of your choice works wonders.
  • It is best to use some ginger drops to the regular cup of morning tea for people who always wake up tired or with splitting headaches.
  • For all the detox seekers, a freshly brewed cup of green tea with a slice of lemon and addition of few tulsi drops work like a miraculous potion.
  • Coconut water with clove leaf or bud drops early morning may prove beneficial for people suffering from hyper tensionas it is power packed drink full of potassium and magnesium.
  • For the night owls, who face a problem getting up early morning and setting up a pace,4-5 rosemary drops in plain lukewarm water is your best bet.
  • Sattu in water (preferably along with onion and green chillies) and 2-3 drops of cumin daily drops can be the right quick breakfast option for early office goers.
  • To relieve last night party hangover, lemon squeezed in a glass of water along with a combination of sweet basil and rosemary drops work best.
  • A glass of water with teaspoon of chia seeds and 4-5 turmeric drops can be the perfect start for stressed out people suffering from any sort of inflammation.

This time taken out to work on your body and mind, health and wellbeing will help you stride through the day happily. Bonjour!

Dr. Kamna Desai

Dietitian, Mumbai

A qualified Dietitian from Mumbai with over 20 years of expertise in the field of health and nutrition.