Water Is The Elixir For Our Existence. Water Is Essential For All Life Forms. And For Each Life On This Planet, We Owe It To This Omnipotent Entity.

Since time immemorial we have been reading and experiencing about the benefits of water consumption.

Nutritionally, water is one of the core components of essential nutrients. Drinking around 10 – 12 average size glasses or roughly 2.5 – 3 litres of water each day is crucial to manage all bodily functions from cellular to organ level. Not just that it is an excellent digestive aid and an equally amazing detox facilitator. It dilutes waste and toxins in the body for easy withdrawal from our system. The benefits of water cannot be underestimated and difficult to be outlined in one write-up.

Today we shall read about the most important function of water i.e Hydration. Hydration is critical to avoid dehydration issues. Dehydration can also be fatal if not managed accurately & timely.

Some benefits of hydration are …

  • regulates body temperature
  • maintain joint lubrication
  • improves physical performance in athletes
  • keeps the skin supple
  • prevents hypovolemic (low blood volume) shock
  • improves mental clarity and focus
  • medium for transport / delivery of nutrients
  • maintains a healthy epithelium and intestinal lumen
  • prevents gastric upsets
  • prevent UTI’s and kidney stones

Even after so many benefits of hydration there are people who still don’t drink enough water. Most often it is found that there are various reasons limiting enough water intake. Some of the common ones are staying indoors or in an AC environment, unable to identify thirst signals and get confused with hunger pangs, difficulty finding loos outside, urinary incontinence or simply forgetting to drink enough water.

But you would be surprised to know that most common reason for restrictive water consumption is people get bored of drinking plain water.

A novel idea to this solution is introduction of healthy herbal drops to impart both texture and health to the drinking water medium. Durmeric daily drops are manufactured using nano technology and retain all the goodness of herbs from which they are extracted. The bioactive compounds of these herbs are more bioavailable in these drop form due to the nano size of the extracts. These are high food grade quality daily drops and the extracts are far more effective than consuming just herbs due to the unique extraction process followed by Durmeric. Many variants of daily drops are available with Durmeric like Cumin, Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Vetiver, Ginger, Tulsi, Turmeric, Sweet Basil. Each of these daily drops have their own advantage and impart various health benefits.  They can be added to stored drinking water at home or even office pantry water dispensers. The intake of water is known to go up considerably due to the fragnant aroma and taste of water that in turn helps achieve proper hydration. As per few customers when cinnamon / tulsi drops or its combination is used, the consumers water intake has increased significantly*. This could lead to better hydration in people with low water intake or dehydration issues.

Using daily just 5 drops in a glass of lukewarm water offers immense health benefits to the user. Hydration with Health can be achieved through these drops. For more information on how to use them effectively pls visit https://www.durmeric.com/daily-rituals/.

(*The above statement is based on customer experience purely and not scientifically validated.)

Dr. Kamna Desai

Dietitian, Mumbai

A qualified Dietitian from Mumbai with over 20 years of expertise in the field of health and nutrition.