By Team OneDrop

Let’s begin this short article by saying that sleeping, as a human activity is very underrated. Most of us do not attach as much importance to the act of sleeping well, as much as we do for every other activity. It only begins to hurt us, when we are unable to catch up with a good sleep or say quality sleep, owing to multiple factors.
Sleeping well is important to the overall well-being of any person. It helps get rid of day to day stress, helps one get to work on time, helps the body heal, and makes one ready physically and mentally for the next good day, in store.

People who don’t get enough sleep are always tired throughout the day, can’t do well at work, and are always grumpy. Not just these so called mundane things. A lack of sleep, over a long period of time can also increase one’s risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. But once we realise that we miss on quality sleep, and act upon it, these kinds of risks just fade away. It also means that the quality of our life is greatly improved, and we are able to do our best in all our personal and professional activities.
A lot of people don’t really know how much sleep they need, but the general amount is somewhere between 7-9 hours per night. If you’re not getting this much sleep, you might be having some problems with your daily life, such as not being able to focus, which can be a hindrance for students and workers alike. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you can’t fully function and will feel sluggish and tired most of the time. So, remember to get your sleep and you’ll feel happier and more energized

So, make sure to get enough sleep every night! It is said that any normal person would need about 8 hours of good sleep. While this may be a stretch for those having long working hours, and a host of personal chores, the barest minimum is something like 6 hours of quality sleep every night. This must be sacrosanct and non-negotiable for each one of us.

Following some simple habits would go a long way in aiding a good night’s sleep. Make sure to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes late at night. Stay away from the television, computer, games, and phone. In today’s times when almost every action revolves around the ubiquitous mobile phone, one must ensure that screen time on the phone is kept minimal.
You have a whole lot of apps which help you track your time on the phone. Set a personal time limit, and make sure you follow it. Make it a point to not carry your phones with you when you lie down on the bed. Make your bedroom dark and quiet. Most importantly, get plenty of exercise daily. This helps the body relax and it releases chemicals that help induce sleep.

You’ve probably heard another set of reasons for not sleeping well – too much of news, social media, noise from other people, unnecessary stress in worrying about inconsequential things etc..

In the run up to going to the bed, reducing a lot of stimulation, physically and mentally, will help you fall asleep a lot easier and help you fall back asleep a lot easier when you wake up during the night! Which means that at least for a couple of hours before you go to bed, you must start keeping away from your TV, mobile phone, the laptop, any electronic device, and the now universal OTT platforms which are the new sleep suckers!

The other major reasons to why many of us struggle to sleep is the fact that our routines are not in check, the intensity of the day’s activities, the foods we eat, our lifestyles, the amount of health concerns, etc. Another big reason is the environment we sleep in. The room or place we sleep in has to be the right temperature, with the right amount of light, sound, distractions, etc. Actually, the majority of people don’t have their bedrooms in the right environment in the first place in order to fall asleep. Here are some tips in order to get in the right environment in order to sleep better.

It would do well to pay attention to these factors, and ensure that we create a right ambience for ourselves, when we go to bed every single day. We may not be able to have every single factor in the right order, but with some conscious effort, we can ensure that we reach a balance in the room atmosphere – no bright lights around, a night lamp if needed, placing water next to the bed for easy reach, if having an AC, setting it in the right temperature, as said earlier keeping away all electronic devices from the bed area etc.

All these are easy to do, and will result in our getting a good and deep sleep over time.

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